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Term Dates

Autumn Term 2022

Monday 5th September to Friday 16th December

Half Term - Monday 24th to Friday 28th October for term time only. Holiday club available.   

(PD Days - 1st & 2nd September)

(UK Bank Holidays - 19th September, 26th & 27th December)

Spring Term 2023

Tuesday 3rd January to Friday 31st March

Half Term - Monday 13th to Friday 17th February for term time only. Holiday club available.   

(UK Bank Holidays - 2nd January)

Summer Term 2023

Monday 17th April to Friday 21st July

Summer opening until Friday 11th August

(UK Bank Holidays - 1st & 29th May)

Half Term - Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June for term time only. Holiday club available.   


Funding for 2 Year Old Children

Your child may be entitled to 15 hours free childcare from the term after their birthday.

Funding for 3 and 4 Year Old Children

From the beginning of the term after your child's 3rd birthday all children are eligible to receive 15 hours of free education.

Oakley Kindergarten offers 30 hours funding to families who are eligible to claim.

Find out if you are eligible by using the following link:

Opening Times

Monday to Friday

8am - 6pm


Registration Fee

First child                  £50.00

Sibling discount         £25.00

       Under 2's         2+

Full time place

8am - 6pm           £270.00               £260.00

(incl breakfast, all snacks, a two course lunch and a two course supper)

Full day discount

8am - 6pm           £60.00                   £58.00

(incl breakfast, alls nacks, a two course lunch and a two course supper)

Morning Sessions

8am - 12pm         £35.50                    £31.50

(incl breakfast and snack)

8am - 1pm           £38.50                    £34.50

(incl breakfast, snack and cooked lunch)

9am - 12pm         £30.50                    £26.50

 (incl snack)

9am - 1pm           £35.50                    £33.00

(incl snack and cooked lunch)

Afternoon Sessions

1pm - 4pm           £30.50                    £26.50

(incl  snack)

1pm - 6pm           £35.50                    £31.50

(incl snack and supper)

Short Day

9am - 4pm         £46.00                     £42.00

(incl  morning and afternoon snacks and cooked lunch)

Additional Hourly Rate      £8.00

Late Collection Fee £10.00 per 10 minutes