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Indoor & Outdoor Play

Oakley Kindergarten believes in learning through play. We promote child-led learning and adults in the setting support children when they first show curiosity, by seizing the moment and supporting their next steps immediately.  Planning in the Moment with Young Children maintains a strong link to practice providing rich adult-child interactions in everyday practice.


The children are happy, engaged and truly involved.  They gain independence, resilience and show an excitement for learning safe in the knowledge that the adults will follow their lead.

Each day throughout the play session we operate 'free flow play' between the inside and outside environment.  Children become most deeply engaged when they have autonomy as they are pursuing their own interests in an environment that allows them to be creative, take risks and challenge themselves in their endeavours.

Indoor Play
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At Kindergarten we are very proud to operate a system of 'free play' which means the children can choose their own activities.


We have a dedicated atelier area, mark making, malleable materials, water play, sand play, music corner, fantasy area and a relaxing reading area.

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Outdoor Play

The outside provision reflects that of inside so whatever the children choose to play, they will be progressing towards their personal targets and all aspects of the Foundation Stage curriculum will be covered.

The children have the opportunity for fresh air and physical activities outside every day whatever the weather.

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