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Oakley Pre-school Parent's Questionnaire Responses

"All leaders are welcoming and give their time to listen to you, even when they are extremely busy welcoming in the children of a morning."

"The thing I like best about Oakley Pre-school is the free flow system, the lovely garden & surrounding area, the chickens; a cosy and comfortable environment."

"We love the nurturing and stimulating environment that it provides. They have supported my child to develop and enjoy her time at preschool." 

"My child feels safe and cared for at preschool which has supported her to try out new things and take 'risks' which was reluctant to do before."

"The staff are friendly and approachable."

"A nice friendly face on the door is always welcoming."

"Such a welcoming, caring and fun environment for the children and their families. My sons loved their time  at Pre-school and watching their development/progress during their time there was lovely. I liked having the opportunity to come and help out occasionally. My sons always liked that and it's nice to be a fly on the wall and watch them play and see how they join in."

"Very happy friendly teachers!"

"I'd just like to thank you all for everything you do for the children. It really is a lovely environment for them to start their education. My sons loved their time at Pre-school and we will all look back fondly on their time there."

"Thank you for making my children's time at Oakley Pre-school so enjoyable and giving them the best start to school life."

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